What is an artist multiple?

An artist multiple is a limited edition artwork that is produced by an artist in a series, which can help make the process and cost more affordable.

How do i receive my subscription?

Each multiple will be delivered to your home via parcel delivery. See shipping costs under SUBSCRIPTION. Toronto subscribers can contact us at kitchen@gendaigallery.org for pick-up options.

When will it arrive?

The ship date for each multiple will coincide with the seasonal opening event date.

Can i buy a subscription later?

The subscription has a limited edition of 50. The service is available until supplies last.

Can i buy just one multiple?

No, the complete subscription involves all four multiples.

Will multiples be sold at the Seasonal Openings?

The multiples are limited editions and not available for individual purchase at the Seasonal Openings. Each opening event responds to and celebrates elements of the multiple, the openings are free events and open to the public.

Can i donate to Gendai?

Yes! If you can't afford a subscription or simply want to support us further, you can donate to us from the DONATE button under ABOUT. As a not-for-profit gallery Gendai would love and appreciate your support!