MMMMM...Gendai Kitchen is supported by

Canada Council for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council
Centre for the Study of Korea at the Asian Institute, University of Toronto 



PAT Central 한국식품
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival/TNT
Artscape Gibraltar Point




Curated by

Emily Fitzpatrick and Maiko Tanaka, with the support of Chris Lee and Serena Lee of Gendai's Programming Committee

Guest Curator
Su-Ying Lee

Gendai Gallery Board of Directors

Marilyn Jung
Anna Suzuki
Serena Lee
Maria Alejandrina Coates
Samson Tam

Programming Intern
Xirui Xu (OCAD University)


Morris Lum


And Also Too

Thanks to

Art Metropole
Tad Hozumi
Carlos Yep
Yan Wu