'miijim for time-beings' by Lisa Myers, with Myung-Sun Kim. Summer Opening.

miijim for time-beings
Sunday, August 28, 2016. 5-8PM
Artscape Gibraltrar Point, Toronto

miijim for time-beings by Lisa Myers is a performance that responds to the displacement of myth and impermanence of memory explored through Myung-Sun Kim’s time being. Myers utilized the evocative and recollective qualities of food with a performance that evoked stories that derive from taste and smell. The performance involved selected succession of foods served at a measured pace and portion, so that one taste displaces the next. Through drink, food, and sharing, Lisa Myers and Myung-Sun Kim provided a place at their ‘table’ for a transformative experience of sustenance and care.

Photography by Morris Lum. 

Emily Fitzpatrick