Gendai Gallery invites you to participate in MMMMM...Gendai Kitchen, a food-art subscription service that delivers culinary-themed art multiples to your kitchens and stomachs. With food-inspired artist multiples, responsive performances, and critical texts, the program unfolds over the course of this four-season cycle, with one art multiple delivery and corresponding event each season.

Multiples will be created by artists Myung-Sun Kim, Mitchell Akiyama, Ed Pien, and Karen Tam. Each Art Multiple will be celebrated with a public event where partnering artists, Lisa Myers, Diane Borsato, Lesley Loksi Chan, and Stu Sakai will perform delectable responses to open each season. After each seasonal opening, the multiples—produced in a limited edition of 50—will arrive at your door uniquely packaged, accompanied by a signed certificate that includes text about the object as well as special information on its care. 

The four seasons of MMMMM....Gendai Kitchen will form the basis of the Gendai Kitchen Almanac. To be launched in 2017, the Almanac will be a publication documenting and sharing the inspirations, practices, and research that have informed the contributors and projects. 



Founded in 2000, Gendai Gallery is a not-for-profit arts organization based in Toronto. Our mandate is to create multi-disciplinary programming encompassing contemporary art, design, performing arts, literature and architecture from East Asian perspectives. To do this, Gendai presents unique and innovative frameworks within which historical and cross-cultural connections are made to enhance the public understanding of  our constantly changing  social, geographic and political contexts to critically and creatively re-examine the notion of cultural diversity from  local and global contexts.  Gendai is currently carrying out its activities from a mobile landscape without a fixed gallery space, reorganizing as a lightweight, modular and flexible structure. Our projects are made possible through collaborations with like-minded organizations and institutions, and funded through public arts funding and private sponsorship. Visit www.gendaigallery.org for more information.

As an artistic alternative to food delivery services, and a critique of foodie culture and a culturally appropriative culinary industry, MMMMM…Gendai Kitchen weaves together five “M's” for the project—MappingMythMobilityMagic, and Migration—as maxims for a deeper, complicated and historical engagement with contemporary food politics, economy, and place. The goal is to intervene in our everyday cooking practices, eating lifestyles and cultural traditions and create new food for thought for our stomachs, kitchens, and social spaces.  

MMMMM…Gendai Kitchen is Gendai’s new model for survival and sustainability. Expanding on our previous experiments in modularity, we’re taking on a fermentative approach using bacterial culture as a guide and metaphor for our upcoming endeavours and the organization’s reevaluation. As a mobile arts organization without a fixed location or operational funding, we feel no need to reproduce ourselves in the image of a traditional artist-run institution. MMMMM...Gendai Kitchen is our attempt to reinvent ourselves in the form of a distributed kitchen and collaborative digestive system.


Gendai accepts donations on an ongoing basis to help support our operating costs. As a not-for-profit arts organization running on a project by project basis, any amount - no matter how large or small - goes a long way!