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Gendai Gallery invites you to participate in MMMMM...Gendai Kitchen, a food-art subscription service that delivers culinary-themed art multiples to your kitchens and stomachs. With food-inspired artist multiples, responsive performances, and critical texts, the program unfolds over the course of this four-season cycle, with one art multiple delivery and corresponding event each season.

Multiples will be created by artists Myung-Sun Kim, Mitchell Akiyama, Ed Pien, and Karen Tam. Each Art Multiple will be celebrated with a public event where partnering artists, Lisa Myers, Diane Borsato, Lesley Loksi Chan, and Stu Sakai will perform delectable responses to open each season. After each seasonal opening, the multiples—produced in a limited edition of 50—will arrive at your door uniquely packaged, accompanied by a signed certificate that includes text about the object as well as special information on its care. 

The four seasons of MMMMM....Gendai Kitchen will form the basis of the Gendai Kitchen Almanac. To be launched in 2017, the Almanac will be a publication documenting and sharing the inspirations, practices, and research that have informed the contributors and projects. 



Founded in 2000, Gendai Gallery is a not-for-profit arts organization based in Toronto. Our mandate is to create multi-disciplinary programming encompassing contemporary art, design, performing arts, literature and architecture from East Asian perspectives. To do this, Gendai presents unique and innovative frameworks within which historical and cross-cultural connections are made to enhance the public understanding of  our constantly changing  social, geographic and political contexts to critically and creatively re-examine the notion of cultural diversity from  local and global contexts.  Gendai is currently carrying out its activities from a mobile landscape without a fixed gallery space, reorganizing as a lightweight, modular and flexible structure. Our projects are made possible through collaborations with like-minded organizations and institutions, and funded through public arts funding and private sponsorship. Visit for more information.

As an artistic alternative to food delivery services, and a critique of foodie culture and a culturally appropriative culinary industry, MMMMM…Gendai Kitchen weaves together five “M's” for the project—MappingMythMobilityMagic, and Migration—as maxims for a deeper, complicated and historical engagement with contemporary food politics, economy, and place. The goal is to intervene in our everyday cooking practices, eating lifestyles and cultural traditions and create new food for thought for our stomachs, kitchens, and social spaces.  

MMMMM…Gendai Kitchen is Gendai’s new model for survival and sustainability. Expanding on our previous experiments in modularity, we’re taking on a fermentative approach using bacterial culture as a guide and metaphor for our upcoming endeavours and the organization’s reevaluation. As a mobile arts organization without a fixed location or operational funding, we feel no need to reproduce ourselves in the image of a traditional artist-run institution. MMMMM...Gendai Kitchen is our attempt to reinvent ourselves in the form of a distributed kitchen and collaborative digestive system.


Gendai accepts donations on an ongoing basis to help support our operating costs. As a not-for-profit arts organization running on a project by project basis, any amount - no matter how large or small - goes a long way!  





Art Multiple by Myung-Sun Kim

time being, 2016
Raised and fired mud with extracted minerals and precious metal

About Multiple

Drawing connections between undocumented history, storytelling, and old Korean folklore about mythical elements in nature that give eternal health or immortality, 'time being' explores rocks as one of the oldest material beings, whose physical form embodies their lived experiences, trauma, and resilience.

Myung-Sun Kim is an artist and arts programmer based in Toronto. In her practice she examines the evolution of culinary practices and food culture in relation to historical events. During her Winter Island Artist Residency at Artspace Gibaltrar Point she faciliated workshops on alchemy, magic and rice wine, and hosted Haunting In The Flesh, an experimental feast of food and research on the evolving cultural culinary practices and cuisine of Korea, exploring food as a way to tell stories of war, migration, colonialism, resilience, and healing. She has a BFA in Sculpture & Installation from Ontario College of Art & Design and an MFA from York University.

Delivery Date: End of Summer 2016

Seasonal Opening by Lisa Myers

About Event

miijim for time-beings by Lisa Myers is a performance that responds to the displacement of myth and impermanence of memory explored through Myung-Sun Kim’s time being. Myers will utilize the evocative and recollective qualities of food with a performance that will evoke stories that derive from taste and smell. The performance will involve selected succession of foods served at a measured pace and portion, so that one taste displaces the next. Through drink, food, and sharing, Lisa Myers and Myung-Sun Kim provide a place at their ‘table’ for a transformative experience of sustenance and care.

Lisa Myers is an artist, curator, musician and chef based in Port Severn and Toronto. Her work is influenced by her many years working as a cook and by her family stories and history from the Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario regions. Myers is of Anishinaabe ancestry from Shawanaga and Beausoleil First Nation. She earned her MFA in Criticism and Curatorial practice (OCAD University) which focused on the use of food in Indigenous art practice. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in venues including , Urban Shaman (Winnipeg), Art Gallery of Peterborough and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Event Date and Location: August 28, 2016 Artscape Gibraltar Point



Guest Curator Su-Ying Lee
Art Multiple by Ed Pien

Trafficking, 2016

About Multiple

Carried across heavily regulated borders at the risk of confiscation and fines, by those who can’t imagine life ahead without them, seeds and plant cuttings hold a promise to convey the taste of “home.” Both food and ornamental plants have migrated around the globe through natural processes or human intervention for millennia. Ed Pien’s Trafficking pouches have been conceived to facilitate this time-honoured endeavour. Trafficking is an edition of hand-embroidered secret pouches containing compartments specially designed to store seeds that may be collected during one’s travels. Trafficking makes direct reference to stories of Chinese migrants and refugees who have stowed valuables in hidden compartments sewn into their clothing for safekeeping. This edition of Pien’s work celebrates our natural world and the countless plants that hold cultural significance. Aside from providing sustenance, many are imbued with sacred forces and magical healing powers.

Ed Pien has shown work at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The Goethe Institute, Berlin; The Drawing Center, NYC; the AGO; Oboro, Montreal; Macintosh Gallery, London; The Bluecoat, Liverpool; Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; the Musée des beaux arts and Musée d’Art Contemporain, Montreal; Songzhuang Art Centre, Beijing, and the National Art Gallery of Canada. He has participated in Oh Canada, at MASS MoCA, as well as the Sydney, Moscow and Beijing Biennales in recent years. Pien teaches part-time at the University of Toronto and has just completed a two-year Visiting Artist teaching position at Concordia University. He is represented by Birch Contemporary,Toronto, Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montreal, and Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague.

Delivery Date: End of Fall 2016

Seasonal Opening by Diane Borsato

About Event

ALL OUR FLOURISHING IS MUTUAL (BREAD AND HONEY): Meet the bakers and the beekeepers! More info coming soon!

Event Date and Location: November 21, 2016, The Drake Hotel

Diane Borsato has established an international reputation for her social and interventionist practices, performance, video, photography, and sculpture. She was twice nominated for the Sobey Art Award and was winner of the Victor Martyn-Lynch Staunton Award for her work in the Inter-Arts category from the Canada Council for the Arts. She has exhibited and performed at major Canadian institutions including the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Power Plant, the Art Gallery of York University, MOCCA (Toronto), the Vancouver Art Gallery, the National Art Centre (Ottawa), and in galleries and museums in the US, France, Mexico, Taiwan and Japan. She holds an MFA from Concordia University and an MA in Performance Studies from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She is currently Associate Professor in Studio Arts at the University in Guelph where she has taught advanced courses in that explore the relationships between art and everyday life, including Food and Art, Special Topics on Walking, OUTDOOR SCHOOL and Live Art.

Su-Ying Lee is an independent curator whose projects often take place outside of the traditional gallery platform. Lee is interested in employing the role of curator as a co-conspirator, accomplice and active agent. She has also worked institutionally, including positions as Assistant Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) and Art Gallery of Mississauga, and Curator-in-Residence at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. Recent projects include How To Make Space, (co-curated with Jennifer Davis) presented by apexart's Franchise Program in Hong Kong (June 2016); Céline Condorelli’s (UK) The Company We Keep (2013-2014), an installation at the University of Toronto’s Hart House, and Your Disease, Our Delicacy (cuitlachoche), a year long (2012-2013) residency and garden installation at Hart House by Ron Benner (CA). The project Video Store, begun in 2010 (co-curated with Suzanne Carte), has toured across Canada giving audiences unprecedented access to artists’ videos requesting only a pay-what-you-want ‘rental’ fee. Lee’s exhibition titled TBD (Sep 6-Oct 26, 2014), at MOCCA, was begun as an inquiry into the definition of a museum/contemporary art gallery.



Art Multiple by Mitchell Akiyama

Elements of Exchange, 2017
About Multiple

Life is sculpted from salt. It is a vital nutrient to the diets of all living things. It regulates several fundamental biological functions; maintains fluid balance and cardiovascular function; influences the nervous system and bodily movement; assists in fermentation processes during digestion. Through history, salt has played a similar role outside of the body: as one of the humankind’s oldest currencies, salt has served as a mediator of abstract value and as a stockpile of wealth. 'Elements of Exchange' explores these parallel functions of salt by introducing biologically-created salts into contemporary systems of exchange. For this project, Mitchell Akiyama has created a series of synthesized salts approximating those found in human body-generated fluids (urine, sweat, and tears). Prepared from readily available, food-grade materials, these salts are meant to evoke our complicated relationships with “abject” matter—substances which, having left the body, become associated with deterioration and death, and which troublingly collapse the boundaries between self and other. Mitchell Akiyama is a Toronto-based artist, scholar, and composer. His eclectic body of work includes objects and installations that trouble received ideas about perception and sensory experience; writings about contemporary art, animals, and cities; along with many albums of music and scores for film and dance. Akiyama’s output has appeared in commensurately miscellaneous sources such as Leonardo Music Journal, ISEA, Sonar Music Festival (Barcelona), Raster-Noton Records (Berlin), Gendai Gallery (Toronto), and in many other exhibitions, publications, and festivals. He holds a PhD in communications from McGill University and an MFA from Concordia University and is currently a SSRHC Postdoctoral Fellow at York University’s Sensorium Centre for Digital Arts & Technology.

Delivery Date: March 2017

Culinary workshop with Stuart Sakai

About Event

Salt of the Body

Event Date and Location: Sunday, February 26, 2017. 6-9PM The Theatre Centre

Learn about the complexity of salt by creating yummy dishes with Stuart Sakai! These dishes will be served at the public launch following the workshop. “Salt of the Earth” is a phrase from the Bible used to describe people of great integrity and reliability. More literally, it was used to describe one whose labour found equivalent value in salt. Though salt is no longer as valuable a commodity as it once was, it is still vital to the body – responsible for regulating the balance of certain fluids as they flow through our bodies. Stuart Sakai celebrates Mitchell Akiyama’s 'Elements of Exchange', an artist multiple of three vessels consisting of handmade salts prepared with the same elements found in sweat, tears, and urine. Through the culinary workshop, 'Salt of the Body', Sakai further connects participants with 'Elements of Exchange'. Using all their senses, participants will explore the basics of the chemistry of salt, its history, and use in modern day cooking, and most importantly, experience its effect on food and taste by preparing and eating a selection of dishes. As a complex and often misunderstood ingredient, 'Salt of the Body', reveals salt for what it is and how it is used, leaving participants to wonder what role it plays in their daily diet and its potential to counter culinary opinion.

Stuart Sakai has worked in many fields in and out of the arts. As a graduate of OCADU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 2006, Stuart began working in the Artist-Run sector at Gallery 44 and worked there for 8 years, all the while also working the restaurant business in both front and back of house. He’s also an accomplished arts installer, as well as part of The Tintype Studio. In the last few years his focus has been on the study of Japanese cuisine and culture. While working primarily in the more hands-on environments of restaurants and Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, he’s also taken his experience as an arts practitioner and applied it to his culinary practice, studying Japanese food, drink and the culture surrounding it. Special thanks to Myung-Sun Kim and The Theatre Centre. Gendai Gallery would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council.

Event Date and Location: Sunday, February 26, 2017. 6-9PM The Theatre Centre



Art Multiple by Karen Tam

About Multiple (Coming Soon)

Karen Tam is an artist whose research focuses on the various forms of constructions and imaginations of cultures through installations in which she recreates the spaces of Chinese restaurant, karaoke lounges, opium dens, curio shops and other sites of cultural encounters. She has exhibited at venues such as The Drawing Center (New York), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, University of Toronto (ON), and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Most recently, she was a finalist for the Prix en art actuel du MNBAQ, and is on the long­list for the 2016 Sobey Art Award. Tam holds a MFA in Sculpture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths (University of London). Her work is in the collections of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Caisse de dépôt et placement Québec, Hydro­Québec, Canada Council for the Arts Art Bank, Alarm Press, and in private collections in Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. She is represented by Galerie Hugues Charbonneau.

Delivery Date

Seasonal Opening by Lesley Loksi Chan

About Event (Coming Soon)

Lesley Loksi Chan's independent and collaborative projects tend to explore the crisscrossing of history, autobiography, and the imaginary. Her multidisciplinary works explore the form and concepts of hybridity and narrative through everyday objects and analogue technologies. Her award-winning works have been exhibited internationally in film festivals, galleries, and museums, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, San Francisco, Berlin, St. Petersburg (Russia), London (UK). Chan has participated in several community-based educational projects including teaching stop-motion animation workshops for children and adults; overhead projection performance workshops for children; autobiographical-video workshops for refugee women from Burma living in Hamilton. She works with several art collectives (Looking Sea, Automates, and iloks / swell) and is the co-founder of CIRCA, a photo-based project and art space. She is currently working on her MFA in the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University. Chan was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Event Date and Location




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